How to Find International Internship Programs

How to Find International Internship Programs for Business Degree College Students and New Graduates

Internships are a fantastic way to break into a competitive job market. They allow you to gain valuable experience and learn the basics of business so you’re completely prepared for when real job opportunities arise.

Find some important organizations here that you can use to get an international business internship in the United States.

AIESEC – This international student organization allows university students to gain global experience and develop new and useful skills for the job market. Through AIESEC’s ambitious internship programs, bright young people throw themselves into challenging roles with a wide variety of organizations around the world.

CIEE – A nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, CIEE bills itself as the world leader in international education and exchange. For over six decades, CIEE has helped thousands of people gain relevant knowledge and skills to live and work in a global and culturally diverse world. By offering the most comprehensive, relevant, and valuable exchange programs available, including internship programs in the USA, CIEE prepares students for the future.

InterExchange – InterExchange is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through both work and volunteer exchange programs. For more than four decades, InterExchange has helped youth from around the world have life-enhancing international cultural exchange experiences. InterExchange provides businesses, organizations, summer camps, and families in need of staff, interns, volunteers, camp counselors and au pairs with a unique solution.

TransitionsAbroad – This informative and comprehensive web magazine brings together expert advice, invaluable tips and first hand experience from people and organizations who help people get started on their journeys of discovery in other countries. The magazine has information on all kinds of jobs abroad, plus internship programs around the world.

StudyAbroad – StudyAbroad is all about helping students expand their horizons and pad their resumes with valid work experience that will help them gain lucrative careers in a competitive global job market. With plenty of useful information and expertise about international internships, StudyAbroad is a one-stop shop for information on internships.

GoOverseas – This site provides a unique twist on internship information by allowing visitors to leave reviews about their experiences of the programs. Then, other visitors can read the reviews to get a sense of the international internship programs to help them decide which ones they’d like to apply for.

Intrax Global Internships – The Intrax Global Internships team works closely with potential interns to match their skills, professional goals, and cultural interests with the unique needs of their host companies. Intrax interns help companies achieve their goals faster by bringing global perspectives and talent. And interns, in turn, go on to thrive in their careers thanks to the invaluable experience.

World Endeavors – This organization helps students boost their resume, deepen their professional skills, and widen their global perspective. World Endeavors interns experience a life-changing shift in their perspective, while they accumulate new skills in their field and gaining confidence and experience they’ll need to help give them a boost as they pursue their chosen career after college.